pinkish-white (pinkish_white) wrote,

drawing again!

♥~Happy Halloween~♥

I'm very busy drawing and working for the Pretty Cute deadline..
Like always, I have too many ideas and too little time to work them all out.

I should update more often^^ But I prefer Tumblr, because it's so visual inspiring.

Detail of a work in progress, the colors seem to be different on each monitor.
I think the complete version will be slightly lighter. I love watercolor, but the colors are very beautiful and vivid when you use the photoshop palette.
Still, I will be using both for future illustrations.


Sorry for the blue-greyish pictures, they were photographed without flash.
The mermaid is the newest. I want to draw a lacy candy mermaid, and color her very sweet.


These frames are a bit older, and a Halloween-themed and gloomy. Drawn with pen, colored with mixed media.

Just as I can never choose in lolita~style, i can't choose between drawing styles either.
I love super sweet illustrations, but dark can be so beautiful.
So I've decided to draw {and wear} both^^

Current obsessions:
♥ Tumblr
♥ Vampire Knight
♥ Short hair

Tags: drawing, gothic lolita, sweet lolita
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