pinkish-white (pinkish_white) wrote,

~little bear's cafe~

I think the new Angelic Pretty print, "Little bear's cafe" is actually quite cute, and it's definitely the most wonderful advertisement they did in a long time^^. I didn't like the Milky Planet ad and Fantastic Dolly, but this one is so well-done.

I like the vintage feeling of it, and the little bears are obviously not made with photoshop, I think they have been colored by hand. And I'm a sucker for retro illustration~ plus, I think Amo has never looked cuter~ the wig is so wonderful and doll-like. I also like the bear muffler and plush, they are real vintage-looking cute teddies. This ad reminds me of late summer and autumn, which is my favorite season.
I have several dresses I'm hunting at the moment, so I won't reserve this one, but I think I will definitely buy the skirt or the jsk (or the salopette?), in pink or brown most likely. It's too cute to resist!

credits for the scan goes to Zasshiko
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