pinkish-white (pinkish_white) wrote,

like pierrot and columbine

Some drawings I made in the past two weeks.
I wanted to get back to illustration, because I always enjoy drawing so much. I think I will do a little experimenting in photoshop as well. I'm working on some printdesigns but I can't decide if I will color with aquarel or photoshop. It's both nice... I like the depth of aquarel, but the colors don't work fine on a monitor. And I want it too look modern, even if it's based on childhood memories of fairytale books. {i love retro fairtytale print books more than anything- but most illustrators are forgotten} Ah well...

Complete drawings behind the cut.

Materials: pen, aquarel. I am not very happy with her, but it was fun working on details and dress/ribbondrawing is my favorite. This is not a scan, but a photograph. I will probably scan some drawings when I am finished with next projects.

"The approval" Just a pencil sketch on cheap paper. It is based on a dream I had. Maybe I will trace it and color it with bright colors (aquarel or photoshop... just can't decide)
I like the subject and the feeling of the drawing and I hope I can keep it when I work on further detail.

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