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[23 Apr 2011|03:59pm]

detail. aquarel, pencil

I suddenly feel like updating again~ maybe I'm going to start a blogspot too, but i love livejournal so much. The classic layout feels somehow very nostalgic to me~

Last months I have been very busy with lolita meetings, the Dutch lolita girls are sweet and lovely girls ♥ I'm lucky to have met them. I also tried to define my lolita style, which started with ivory classic/goth style Alice and the Pirates-dresses, but then switched to Angelic Pretty sweet. Now, I think I like the ivory/classic-sweet styles best, along with some nice Alice and the Pirates-prints. Except for the pink Holy Night in military style, that totally stole my heart because of the unusual shade of pink and the glittery print. ♥ So beautiful.

Also, I have picked up drawing again, because I actually feel most comfortable talking to no-one and getting lost in the lines. Usually I work at several drawings at a time and I don't finish my work often. I do like work that is not completely "finished" and has some rawness in it. So most likely I won't finish all the drawings, but keep spaces open and uncolored. Everytime I finish a drawing it seems "overworked" to me and I would like to keep it as natural as possible. Plus, I love white more than any color~

I have picked up an old idea to try to make a print dress myself. I love some Alice and the Pirates-prints, the idea of illustrated works on a dress is great~ but most Aatp dresses won't fit properly (too big) and there are just a few prints and colorways I really love. And the most wonderful dresses sell out immediately and are impossible to make a reservation for, which is very frustrating. It would be lovely to have an unique dress, so why not try? I think it is quite expensive to make a high-quality print, but I would love to give it a try.
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drawing again! [31 Oct 2010|09:18pm]
♥~Happy Halloween~♥

I'm very busy drawing and working for the Pretty Cute deadline..
Like always, I have too many ideas and too little time to work them all out.

I should update more often^^ But I prefer Tumblr, because it's so visual inspiring.

Detail of a work in progress, the colors seem to be different on each monitor.
I think the complete version will be slightly lighter. I love watercolor, but the colors are very beautiful and vivid when you use the photoshop palette.
Still, I will be using both for future illustrations.

4 line-art drawings and works in progressCollapse )
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project completion: ~poupee rouge~ onepiece [27 Jul 2010|04:37pm]

project registration and completion of a red doll~like velvet dressCollapse )
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~little bear's cafe~ [20 Jul 2010|08:29pm]

I think the new Angelic Pretty print, "Little bear's cafe" is actually quite cute, and it's definitely the most wonderful advertisement they did in a long time^^. I didn't like the Milky Planet ad and Fantastic Dolly, but this one is so well-done.

I like the vintage feeling of it, and the little bears are obviously not made with photoshop, I think they have been colored by hand. And I'm a sucker for retro illustration~ plus, I think Amo has never looked cuter~ the wig is so wonderful and doll-like. I also like the bear muffler and plush, they are real vintage-looking cute teddies. This ad reminds me of late summer and autumn, which is my favorite season.
I have several dresses I'm hunting at the moment, so I won't reserve this one, but I think I will definitely buy the skirt or the jsk (or the salopette?), in pink or brown most likely. It's too cute to resist!

click to see the adCollapse )
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[27 Jun 2010|03:52pm]

An experiment in photoshop I have been working on for ages... *printscreen of a detail*
it is inspired on the wonderful art of Maki and Imai Kira,
and designed for a layout for my blog, or Lolita designs.
Though I like the result, after working in oils and watercolor for so long,
I don't like coloring in photoshop too much... it's more fun to work with a "real" brush.

It is almost my summer break and I will be picking up painting again.
I miss it, but since I work at midweek and stay with my boyfriend in the weekends, I just have so little time~
But there is a 6 week break coming up:D
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[28 May 2010|10:08pm]

Some drawings I have been working on {pencil, aquarel}
I miss painting, but I don't have the time for it now.
I also bought a lot of new sweet lolita items and i will show them soon^^
Work has been awful busy, but we're moving towards the summer break, so in bit I will have time to paint, take pictures, make clothes & accessoires;) *I just can't wait*

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Superflat love [27 Mar 2010|03:15pm]

I really ♥ this video Takashi Murakami did for Louis Vuitton.. so cute <3

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like pierrot and columbine [11 Feb 2010|11:22pm]
Some drawings I made in the past two weeks.
I wanted to get back to illustration, because I always enjoy drawing so much. I think I will do a little experimenting in photoshop as well. I'm working on some printdesigns but I can't decide if I will color with aquarel or photoshop. It's both nice... I like the depth of aquarel, but the colors don't work fine on a monitor. And I want it too look modern, even if it's based on childhood memories of fairytale books. {i love retro fairtytale print books more than anything- but most illustrators are forgotten} Ah well...

Complete drawings behind the cut.

Collapse )
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ajour, madhatter & museumnacht [25 Jan 2010|09:47pm]

Some updates... first, I am going to participate as a stylist at the Museumnacht in Rotterdam!
The theme to the upcoming Museumnacht will be XS/XL with subtheme Lolita fashion, and we are going to do a live photoshoot with 4 professional models and a doll-like theme. Because this will not be an "avarage" lolita- shoot there will be much extra's and quite flashy make-up.

I am contributing with 5 or 6 hand-made design dresses and we are also using Japanese brand.
So, there's a lot of work to do! I want to complete the outfits with very cute socks and drawers, so I ordered tree pair of socks today for the first time with Innocent World. I love the brand so much... I also ordered a pair of red and white shoes to coordinate (found high heels at Bodyline)

Unfortunately I don't think I will be in time to make a dress of my own fabric. This weekend I did a lot of drawing again, because I want to design a lolita fabric of the theme "Ivory Tower/ Rapunzel". Of all lolita-dresses, I love the ones with (fairytale)illustrations the most. And it would be wonderful to design one of my own... ♥

In the woodseries/paintings, I added whites to this painting and liked the effect. I want to finish her and make more in this color sheme. Also, behind the cut: the finished Madhatter.

Collapse )
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pinkish rococo dress with antique lace [19 Dec 2009|03:57pm]

I tried to make some pictures of a dress I have finished a while ago. It's made of silk and antique lace, with paniers in Rococo-style. The concept was to come close to a "Modepuppe", dolls from the 19th century with beautiful and fragile miniature clothing. My parents just brought the rest of my dresses and gowns, and I'm planning to "remake" some of them into Lolita-style. In the last years I have made over 30 costumes, all in elaborated classical gothic/historical style. I loovve long dresses with crinoline, but I lack knee-lenght dresses that are matching well with nice boots.

Today I also went to the "Lapjesmarkt" in Utrecht to buy lots of velvet/velveteen fabrics. Nice and warm in winter, and also very elegant. I have enough fabric now to work on newer stuff. So I will keep you updated^^

My Beardsley Rose Alice skirt in brown finally made it through customs...after two weeks>< and lots of phonecalls. It will probably arrive at monday... *can't wait*

Tonight I will go to Manifest in Utrecht and I have to go through this horrible weather again. I like the winter, but mostly when I am comfortable inside the house with tea or hot chocolate! I think I will wear my Aatp Hymn dress for the first time and maybe there is time to finally take a picture of it.

Collapse )
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Madhatter [27 Nov 2009|10:07pm]

Not finished yet...but close.
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