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project completion: ~poupee rouge~ onepiece

I finally was able to finish my red velvet dress this summer break~
The dress certainly did go a long way. It was my first elegant gothic aristocracy dress and I had finished it more than 5 years ago.
It was a simple, classic looking dress, worn with black gloves and a small crinoline.

*I have pictures of it worn, but they are not digital, so when I have time I will scan them*

For the museumnacht, I decided to make it shorter and more doll~like.

You can see the dress worn in this fabulous picture,
taken by Liselotte Schuppers.

For Cyberia, I made it a monochrome dress, with more details {like the bow with wire}
I also made an old-school Lolita headdress to go with it.

It's hard to take a picture of this color velvet.. it's a beautiful, deep red, but somehow it looks very bright on this picture:S

Here is the dress and the bonnet worn, picture was taken very quickly before I went out~ sorry for the darkness and the blur.
You can't see the wig, but I was wearing a beautiful ash brown long wig with curls.
Also not on the picture- long white lace gloves with princess puff to make the coordination look doll-like.

Better pictures soon, I took some on my phone cam too.
I really need to have a better camera, this one tends to blur with the slightest movement.

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