pinkish-white (pinkish_white) wrote,

ajour, madhatter & museumnacht

Some updates... first, I am going to participate as a stylist at the Museumnacht in Rotterdam!
The theme to the upcoming Museumnacht will be XS/XL with subtheme Lolita fashion, and we are going to do a live photoshoot with 4 professional models and a doll-like theme. Because this will not be an "avarage" lolita- shoot there will be much extra's and quite flashy make-up.

I am contributing with 5 or 6 hand-made design dresses and we are also using Japanese brand.
So, there's a lot of work to do! I want to complete the outfits with very cute socks and drawers, so I ordered tree pair of socks today for the first time with Innocent World. I love the brand so much... I also ordered a pair of red and white shoes to coordinate (found high heels at Bodyline)

Unfortunately I don't think I will be in time to make a dress of my own fabric. This weekend I did a lot of drawing again, because I want to design a lolita fabric of the theme "Ivory Tower/ Rapunzel". Of all lolita-dresses, I love the ones with (fairytale)illustrations the most. And it would be wonderful to design one of my own... ♥

In the woodseries/paintings, I added whites to this painting and liked the effect. I want to finish her and make more in this color sheme. Also, behind the cut: the finished Madhatter.

The painting is called "Ajour" because the details are inspired on this fabric. If anyone knows the English name for this fabric...

Again, the picture turned out more dark than the original painting. It's difficult to get paintings looking good on a monitor. Materials are elaborated wood panel, oils, and pen/ink for details and lining.

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